6 Important Facts About Towing Services | All Valley Car Care

At some point in time, most vehicle owners or vehicle drivers will need to call a towing service. If the vehicle is not safe to drive, has been in an accident, or if it does not start or stay running, calling for a tow truck may be the only option.

Ideally, finding out about the best local towing company in advance of needing the service is the best option. This allows you to immediately know which tow truck service to call, saving you time and stress.

To provide assistance, here are six things to know about vehicle towing services.

  • What vehicles can be towed – not all vehicles can be towed by all towing companies. Low profile vehicles, heavy duty trucks, RVs, and other types of vehicles may need specialized towing trucks.
  • When to call a wrecker – wreckers offer the option for the driver to attempt to fix the vehicle. Tow truck drivers cannot attempt a vehicle repair or provide roadside assistance.
  • Different types of tow trucks – a tow truck company will ask the type of vehicle that needs to be moved. They will then send a flatbed, integrated tow truck, wheel lift, or hook and chain truck to move your vehicle.
  • What impacts pricing – the type of vehicle, distance, and even the time of day can impact the price of a tow.
  • When to ask for roadside assistance – if the vehicle is out of gas, needs a jumpstart, or has a flat tire, asking for roadside assistance can save the cost of a tow.
  • Why a local towing company is the best option – a local tow company typically works with garages in the area, making it convenient to get your vehicle in and repaired as quickly as possible.

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