6 Major Car Fluids That You Should Know | All Valley Car Care

Car fluids are like the bloodlines that make up your vehicle. Without these essential fluids, your vehicle would not run the way it should. Various vehicle fluids have different functions. Some have cooling properties, cleaning properties, lubricating properties, and even cleaning properties. Some simply serve to power a certain function in your car, like braking or steering.

It’s important for all drivers to know these fluids, understand how they work, and be able to identify them in case of a leak. Here are 6 of the most common car fluids that you should know:

#1 – Motor Oil

Obviously, everyone is most familiar with engine oil/motor oil. It is what keeps your motor’s parts lubricated as it helps to minimize friction. Engine oil can be amber or gold or dark brown if sat in the engine for a long time. It is easy to check your motor oil with the dipstick on your own. If you need help with this, feel free to stop by our shop.

#2 – Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is another fluid that you should make a top priority to check. Some vehicles have a dipstick for this, while others do not. This type of fluid is either pink or red and is slightly thick. However, if it is overly dark, burning, or is thick in consistency, it may be time to flush or change it.

#3 – Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is necessary to transfer pressure to engage your brakes and stop your vehicle. In other words, brake fluid is essential for your safety. It is a clear or light yellow color. It can sometimes have a fishy smell. There is a reservoir sitting under your vehicle’s hood that you can easily access and inspect. There’s no need for you to unscrew the lid as the container holding the fluid is always see-through.

#4 – Coolant/Radiator Fluid

Coolant/antifreeze/radiator fluid are all the same terms. This fluid is key to keeping your engine at a stable temperature, not too cold and not too hot. It is always a bright and fun color. It can be yellow, purple, pink, or green. This fluid is also housed under the hood and can be checked on your own. Just make sure your vehicle is cooled down before opening the cap. If you need assistance with this, please visit our shop.

#5 – Power Steering Fluid

Some power steering systems are hydraulic, meaning it requires fluid pressure. This fluid makes steering way easier for you, so you can maneuver your vehicle in swift motions. Otherwise, a power steering fluid leak can cause a stiff steering wheel. Power steering fluid can sometimes be confused with transmission fluid as it is often pink or red. If you need help checking this one out, come by our shop soon.

#6 – Windshield Washer Fluid

Last but not least, this pink or red clear fluid is known for being sprayed on your windshield at the push of a button or switch. It is simply a cleaning solution that comes in handy when you need to clear off dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings, or any other pollutants that are obstructing your view of the road.

If your vehicle requires fluid service or flushes soon, please do not hesitate to call or visit the auto repair specialists at All Valley Car Care.