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Auto Repair Service

Wheel Alignment in Arizona

Wheel Alignment in Arizona Does your car vibrate when you turn your wheel? Is your steering wheel crooked when you drive straight? Does your car pull to the right or left? Can you see major tire wear and you just bought brand-new tires? If so, you may need an alignment in Scottsdale, Surprise, Gilbert & Phoenix, AZ. These are … Read more

Tune Up

Auto Tune-up Services So what exactly is a “tune-up”? A “tune-up” was a term coined back in the day referring to maintaining your vehicle. If the engine was running a little rough, you might need a tune-up. So is it really relevant today? Servicing your vehicle, yes… But the term, no. A tune-up for modern … Read more

Transmission Repair

Auto Transmission Repair Services Fixing cars from bumper to bumper with honesty and integrity is what All Valley Car Care Scottsdale, All Valley Car Care Surprise, All Valley Car Care Gilbert and All Valley Car Care Phoenix is all about. They have come to be known as the most trustworthy automotive shop in the Scottsdale, … Read more


Arizona Towing Services At our auto service shop, we understand how stressful a breakdown can be. You have to get your vehicle out of others’ way, and, after, you have to make calls for a tow and worry about choosing a trustworthy auto repair shop. Fortunately, at Desert Valley Towing we can take care of … Read more

TPMS Repair

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Nowadays, all modern vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Each tire has sensors in it that sends the tire’s pressure to a central computer. When the pressure is too high or too low, a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, that indicates this pressure has to be … Read more

Timing Belt Replacement

Looking for Affordable Car Belt Replacement in Arizona Your drive belt, or serpentine belt, provides power to the essential components of your vehicle, such as your power steering, alternator, air conditioning and cooling system pumps. When this belt fails, it is unsafe for you to drive your vehicle, no matter how short the distance is. All Valley … Read more

Steering and Suspension

Improve Your Vehicle Performance with an Auto Suspension Repair Shop If strange sounds are coming from your vehicle when going over a bumpy road, or you have noticed that your tires are wearing at an abnormal rate, then it might be time to take your vehicle to an auto suspension repair shop. All Valley Car Care … Read more


Speedometer The speedometer in your vehicle has two interconnected and very important functions – to ensure your safety, and to keep you within the lawful speed limit. That is why you need a properly functioning and accurate speedometer at all times. Whenever you are experiencing problems with it or have any doubts about its measurement, … Read more


Radiator Service in Surprise, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ Stop Leaks and Overheating with Expert Car Radiator Repair Service With one of the most important functions in your vehicle, keeping your car radiator in perfect shape in crucial in ensuring that you never get taken by surprise on the road. At All Valley Car Care … Read more

Preventive Maintenance

Vehicle Factory Scheduled Maintenance If you drive a Honda, you better expect a factory scheduled maintenance. If you drive a Ford, you better expect a factory scheduled maintenance. If drive any type of automotive vehicle, then you best be prepared to receive a factory scheduled maintenance. With every milestone for any car, whether it be 30,000 … Read more