When I Need A New Car Battery? | All Valley Car Care

There is nothing like jogging out to the car full of anticipation, only to crank up the ignition…to silence. The dreaded dead car battery.

Without a working battery, you can’t start the engine. Which means you are stuck. The battery also powers the electrical components, which means you are stuck…without a radio.

Starting the ignition signals the battery, setting off a chemical reaction inside which ignites the electrical energy that starts the engine cranking.

If your battery is dead the dash lights might flicker, but the engine won’t have enough power to turn over.

This havoc can be avoided by watching for early signs of battery age.

One sign to look for is if you ‘check engine’ light keeps coming on. This can be a sign your battery is starting to wear out.

If your engine is slow to start it can mean that the battery components are taking longer to create a charge and is usually a sign that the battery is about to kick the bucket.

Because the battery powers the electrical in your car, a weak battery may show symptoms of dimming lights and other electrical issues.

Smell something funny? A damaged battery can cause leaking gas. If you start smelling rotten eggs under your hood then you might have a bad battery.

If your battery has white, ashy flakes around the metal parts of your battery then you have a corrosion problem. Corroded terminals can cause voltage issues and prevent your vehicle from starting.

A weirdly shaped battery case is a sign of a bad battery. Extreme climates can cause the case to expand and crack over time giving it an odd shape.

It’s easy to forget the last time your battery was checked which is a testament to their reliability. Under ideal conditions a battery lasts 3-5 years. But most of us don’t live ideal, so it is a good bet to check it around the 3-year mark.

Keeping tabs on your battery can save time and money.

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