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If you store your vehicle in winter or only drive it for one or two months per year, you need to prepare before doing so. Despite it being stationary while it’s stored, problems may still occur. Below, you will find essential steps that you should take into consideration before storage.

Clean The Interior

Giving your vehicle a good clean gets rid of any forgotten trash or leftover snacks that have been forgotten. The last thing you want when you start driving it again is a funky smell or sticky steering wheel. We advise you to get your car detailed by professionals to get the best results.

Disconnect The Battery

The last thing you want is a long-awaited drive to be ruined by a dead battery. While your vehicle is left untouched, the battery tends to drain slowly. To avoid this from happening, you should disconnect both of the wires that go into it. Before you start driving again, don’t forget to connect everything back together – so you aren’t surprised by a failing start or ignition.

Have Your Oil Changed

A good habit to have is frequently changing your car’s oil. This also applies to the preparation that goes in before storage. Old oil can be full of debris, which leads to buildup and possible clogging over time. If you aren’t looking for problems right after storage, be sure to have your oil changed at a repair shop.

Service Your Car

If you push needed repairs for after the storage period, it may get worse. Don’t ignore any warning signs on your dashboard or any strange behaviors of the car. Parts age and after sitting in one place for a while they start to deteriorate, furthermore if there is any previous damage. Have a mechanic inspect your vehicle and repair it if needed.

Seal All Openings

The last thing you want in your favorite vehicle is a mouse or bug. Close the windows and seal all openings with cloth or soft foam, depending on what you have at home.

Following these steps will prepare your vehicle for storage, for even longer than you may need. The last thing you want to worry about is if your car will start after storing it for too long or unexpectedly being unable to drive it for a while. 

Alongside these tips, at All Valley Car Care, we can also offer you repairs for everything you might need before storage – from oil changes to full-on inspections. You can schedule an appointment online or via a call