The Tpms Warning Light Indicate? | All Valley Car Care

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System, also known as TPMS has its own warning light on the dashboard as you might have noticed. If your tuns on, the question now becomes, “What does it mean and what should I do?” Do not panic!

What Does the TPMS Warning Light Mean?

The first step is to physically gauge your tire pressures and pump more air as necessary to bring them up to the product’s recommended levels according to your vehicle handbook. Remember that your TPMS does not substitute for regular tire pressure checks. Although it is a device that can assist notify you when pressure level is reduced, a wheel might deflate below the recommended level of inflation long even before TPMS warning light illuminates. When the pressure is either excessively low or high, the TPMS light illuminates.

What To Do

The light shows up differently for various reasons. Which means that there are different ways to also react to the issue.

The TPMS warning light turns on and remains lit if at least one of your tires has low air pressure. When this happens, it is advisable that you check your tires as soon as possible. Assess the inflation of all the tires with a meter, like the one found at the gas station air pump, since the tire in issue might not seem flatter than the rest. Once you know which tire has an issue, attempt to figure out why the pressure dropped before reinflating it.

If the light flashes on and off repeatedly, the cause is probably shifting tire temperatures. This implies that the pressure may not be at the proper level when you start the car, resulting in the light turning on, but it will reach the proper level when it gets hot due to friction. Consider this a heads-up, and attempt to check your tire pressure before it gets too warm.

When you start your automobile, if the light flashes for roughly a minute and then stays on, the TPMS sensor is malfunctioning. You should have your technician or service center examine this. It could be possible to wait until after your next service, but in the meanwhile, make sure to frequently check your tires.

TPMS Repair in AZ

Whatever the issue might be, do not ignore it. If you need TPMS repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to All Valley Car Care today!