5 Tips for Towing High-End Or Luxury Vehicles in Arizona

Towing a vehicle may be a bit stressful. You are putting one of the most costly items you own in the hands of someone you have never met. This can be particularly challenging if you are the owner of luxury, performance, or high-end vehicles.

It is essential to avoid falling into the trap of hiring a company offering cheap towing near me. Instead, owners should focus on towing services with experience in safely moving these costly vehicles without damage, scratches, or problems during the process.

  • Ask about the experience – make it a point to ask the dispatcher if the tow service has experience in transporting these types of vehicles. Check what type of wrecker they are sending and how they safeguard your vehicle while loading, in transit, and unloading.
  • Flatbed loading and unloading – when the driver pulls up with the tow truck, talk to him or her first about how they plan to load and secure your vehicle. If they seem uncertain or unable to explain how they will take care of your vehicle, look for a different towing service.
  • Low incline – the lower the profile of your vehicle, the more important it is to have a low incline type of loading method. This includes lowering the towing deck down to the car, not winching the car up an incline that is likely to damage the undercarriage.
  • Call on us – we know and work with the best towing company in the area with the expertise to handle your car. Just give our team a call, and we can ensure your luxury vehicle is taken directly to our garage.
  • Check the price – in larger cities, there may be more than one towing company with the ability to safely move your vehicle. Asking for a quote can help you get the best deal, or just give us a call in Gilbert, Surprise, or Phoenix, AZ.

Take the time to find the right towing service for your high-end car. The few minutes you spend can provide you with peace of mind throughout the process.